Our "Trip to Tipp!"

Cloughjordan House

We decided (ok, I decided!) that we should head to Tipperary to check out the Food Festival to be held in Cloughjordan.  Hosted by the Sarah Baker Cookery School, and held in the grounds of Cloughjordan House, it proved to be worth the visit.  To put everything that happened into writing would take a lot longer than we have time for here.  So, the following is a snapshot (or a few, even) of our time spent in Tipperary.

 Lots of events were planned for the day, including demonstrations of recipes, made with local ingredients, presented by some foodie friends.  We sat in on the demonstrations given by Joanna Schaffalitzky and  Yvonne Carty of Hey Pesto.  

Ella McSweeney Joanna Schaffalitzky
Ella McSweeney chatting to Joanna before the demonstration.
Joanna Schaffalitzky
 Joanna begins her recipe.

Joanna’s dish consisted of Chicken Breast, stuffed with Inch House Black pudding,wrapped in bacon, and served with a lovely apple gravy.

Chicken stuffed with Inch House Black Pudding

Having purchased the Inch House Black Pudding, and various apple juices from The Apple Farm , I will certainly be trying out this recipe.

Next, we watched Yvonne Carty.  She presented Mediterranean Pasta, Inch House Bites, which were canapés with black pudding, red onion marmalade, and she topped each one with a little Cashel Blue Cheese. Yvonne also made Cashel Blue cheese and onion tart.  We managed to get to taste the canapés, and they were gorgeous.

Yvonne Carty Hey Pesto
Inch House Black Pudding, Caramelised Onion Canapés

Yvonne puts the finishing touch to the cheese and onion tart
The evening entertainment was an Argentinian evening of music, entertainment, and a BBQ, with pork supplied by Crowe’s Farm.
Michael Seymour Lamb Sgeepwalk farm Borrisokane Tipperary
  The lamb, which we had, was reared by Michael Seymour on his farm at Sheepwalk Farm, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary.  It was absolutely beautiful. 

 Salad Bowls
Huge bowls of salad were also available.

As we were in Tipperary, the following day, I arranged to call to see the owners of  Oldfarm, with a view to purchasing some of their beautiful pork.  My Husband and I were treated to a wonderful afternoon of hospitality & chat, which we will not forget in a hurry, from two people who are committed and passionate about their animals and the meat produced from them.  The Saddleback pigs here are happy and contented, are free to roam about and generally do what pigs do, as are the hens, turkeys, ducks, the two dogs, and a cat!
Saddleback Pigs Oldfarm Tipperary
Having a little lie-down!  It was hot that afternoon.

Reluctantly we had to head for home, but not before we packed our lovely pork chops, joint, mince, and sausages into the coldbox.  Guess what we had for our tea when we got back!  

Oldfarm Pork Sausages Brown Bread
 They were divine, absolutely delicious.
We learned so much on our Trip to Tipp, met lovely people, sampled lots of food, and came away happy, and wanting to go back one of these days.


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