Hospital “Food”…..

My contribution to the”hospital food” offerings. Posted earlier in the year, in response to a great post from BumblesofRice on the subject.

Cakes, Bakes, and other Bits

Having had the misfortune recently of becoming ill, I spent a few days in Hospital. During that time, I was an eye witness to the absurdity of what passes as “Hospital Food” in Ireland.

Before I express my opinions, let me say that the medical care I received was second to none, and every member of staff could not do enough for the patients.

Lets start with bread.  Toast seems to be the “cure all” or light eating option to ease a patient back on to solid foods after fasting, surgeries, etc.  That’s fine, but not when it is the sliced pan variety.  Case in point, if you take a slice of this bread and squeeze it in your hand, it stays that way.  It is  full of preservatives, and has little, if any, or no nutritional value.  On balance, you could opt for a locally made brown bread, but…

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