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Clichés! – Short Post!

I have been a bit busy lately, with family stuff, and travels, and catching up with life in general, the blog has been a bit lacking!  I will fix that, very shortly.

What I have noticed from taking time out and stepping back, watching TV cookery shows and reading items on-line, is that I have grown weary of certain things.

There are times when I get so tired of clichés on tv shows/magazine recipes/ recipe blogs etc,. It’s just me, I suppose, but am sure you know the sort of thing…..  so here are eight of my pet-hates, and wonder if have you any, and, if so, what are they?

  1. Pan-Fried..
  2. Fresh from the Oven..
  3. Use Good Olive Oil/Wine/Vanilla Extract …
  4. Rustle up a Batch …
  5. Smells Amazing! …
  6. Oven Baked..
  7. Sitting on a bed of…..
  8. Wow!  I can really taste the ….  proceed to the listing out of ingredients….

And finally, why can’t they just say, try it, you might like it, and, if you don’t let me know, and I’ll fix it, or would that be too much to ask…?  


7 thoughts on “Clichés! – Short Post!

  1. Sometimes it’ the accents accompanying the cliche that bothers me. A la Rachel Allen! Though I must say I have warmed to her more due to her recent Ray D’arcy interviews 🙂

    xx Jazzy


    1. Thanks for your comment Jazzy 🙂 The subject of accents, “put-on” or otherwise, bothers me too. It’s the over-use of words on the list above,everywhere you look.



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