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A Modern Irish Cookbook – by Goodalls

September proved to be a very busy month in our house, so much so, that the blog had to take a bit of a back-seat.  Not for long though, as the last two weeks have been a whirl-wind for me.  Two of my recipes are now in a cookbook!
Goodalls of Ireland asked on Twitter and Facebook for original recipes to be considered for inclusion in a cookbook they were publishing, entitled  “A Modern Irish Cookbook”.  The profits raised are being divided between two very deserving charities,  Cork Penny Dinners and Crosscare.
I sent two recipes, Bellingham Blue Cheese Tartlets and Boiled Stout Cake, and was delighted when both were accepted.  The idea behind the book was to find out what the Irish food-blogging community (and non-food bloggers too) believed modern Irish cooking to be.
A week or so went by, and then I received an invitation from my local radio station, LMFM, to be a guest on their Mid-Morning Show, with Daire Nelson.  They wanted to interview me about the book, and, well, how could I refuse!  You can listen in to my slot on the show here.  Just scroll down the podcast list to “The Mid-Morning Show – Thursday 11th October. It was a great experience, albeit a bit nerve-wracking, as I’ve never been on the radio before, but was only too happy to help promote the book as it is for such great causes.
I also came across this mention in one of our local newspapers, The Drogheda Leader”.
“A Modern Irish Cookbook” was launched today, the  18th October 2012 at the prestigious  Merrion Hotel in Dublin, and all of the contributors were invited to lunch. Finally, we got to see the finished book, and what a thrill that was. It was also great to meet up with fellow-contributors, and twitter friends, and put voices to faces!
 Top Left – Executive Head Chef at the Merrion Hotel, Ed Cooney.  Middle Left: Ms. Roisin O’Shea, Marketing Manager – Goodalls of Ireland – Other Photos – Table Decorations, Scallop Starter, Partridge Main, and Torta di Cachi Dessert
The book is now available to purchase from the Goodalls of Ireland website, in two forms, download and hardcopy.  It would make a great gift at Christmas for friends and family who love to cook.
My sincere thanks to all at Goodalls and those who worked so hard behind the scenes putting the book together, for making this a month to remember.

14 thoughts on “A Modern Irish Cookbook – by Goodalls

  1. You are the fastest blogger in Ireland! Everyone else is only getting home and putting on the slippers and you have the photos and the post up already. Hats of to you Mrs. and great to see you today.


  2. Thank you, Edith, just had a look and followed your blog. Your pictures are amazing, really beautiful. The breads were lovely. Great to meet you today 🙂



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