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A Country Fayre

Yesterday, we took a mini road-trip to Co. Kildare.  We were heading to Caragh Nurseries to visit their Spring Country Fayre.  When I heard my friends from OldFarm were going  to be there with their fabulous free-range pork products being cooked on the Big Green Egg by Caroline and Liam Whelan, well, that was reason enough!

Caragh is a very pretty, well-kept village, located a few miles outside Naas.  The weather was glorious, 22C, and perfect for an outdoor event.

It did turn into a mini-tweet-up after a while!  I met up with Armelle, who makes the best macarons I’ve had in a long time!  I also met Wendy from “My Chef at Home“, then, a few minutes later, Fiona, introduced herself and her daughter to me and my Hubs.

Here is a summary in pictures of the rest of the day.


Eggs in a box, laid earlier in the day, A Sussex Ponte, and a real Poser for the camera!

A Selection of the goodies on offer from Armelle’s Bakery, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare
 Now, that’s a polytunnel!
Glass-house filled with all kinds of plants

Pine and Jasmine
 Table-top Sized Green Egg, and Big Green Egg.  They are BBQ’s, by the way!


Patchwork Veg were also there, showing, amongst other things, their Raised Beds

The day was very enjoyable, just strolling around, taking it all in.  It was made even better by the wonderful sunshine, and meeting new twitter-folks.

  A great way to spend a Sunday Afternoon


12 thoughts on “A Country Fayre

  1. Looks like it was a great day for socializing! We have a crested Sussex and they are very 'proud' Roosters. I love them all of course. Glad to see you had a nice day Colette and hope this lovely stretch of summer continues for a few weeks!


  2. It was indeed, Móna, and meeting the other Twitter-folk was a happy accident! I thought the birds were fascinating. There were more, such as Silkies (so pretty), Bluebells, Columbian Blacktails, and Speckled Rock. Too many to include pictures of, but all beautiful creatures. 🙂


  3. Thanks for your lovely comments and phots of the fayre so glad that you enjoyed the day. It was a wonderful weekend but sorry didn't get to say hi I was so busy – really good complaint! Thanks again


  4. You are very welcome, Jo. Sorry I didn't get to meet with you either, but, as you say a great complaint to be busy. Lovely day all around, and we will be back to visit soon 🙂


  5. You're very welcome, Seán. Each time we went passed your area, you were busy with customers, which is a great sign. I will be sure to say "hello" next time 🙂



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