Part 3 – Eastern Seaboard Bar and Grill

So, Part 3, dinner at the Eastern Seaboard Bar and Grill was next, an informal dinner and a fitting end to a wonderful visit.  As I was driving that night, I took our beautifully boxed gifts and placed them, lovingly, in the boot/trunk of the car, and sent Babs on ahead to get us a seat at the Bloggers table. 

I asked for Reuven’s permission (Head Chef and Co-owner)  to take a few pictures in the restaurant.  “No problem, help yourself”  he said, so happily, I clicked away.  Off he went, to change into his Chef’s Whites, and begin the immensely busy Saturday evening service.

We were looked after extremely well that evening.  As I have been a customer in the restaurant on previous occasions, this attention to detail was not  just reserved for the Bloggers,  it is the way all customers are treated every time they arrive.

After being seated, we were provided with the menu and our attention was drawn to the Specials available that evening.  The Specials board is actually one of the supporting columns in the dining room, and the dishes are written up on all four sides. 

 My most favoured item is the seeded salt-crust bread offered while you wait for the starters, and is also available to purchase at the Brown Hound Bakery.  

Plenty of chat then ensued, and then the first starters arrived.  What an array! There was chicken broth with lots of fresh parsely, jam-packed with vegetables, and served with brown bread on the side.  Pig’s cheek terrine with celeriac remoulade and rocket, ploughman’s plate,  fish cakes, garlicky crab claws…  

 I was happy enough, on this occasion, not to order a starter, and just concentrate on the shards of bread placed at the table with the Spanish olive oil and sea-salt on the side, whilst my fellow-diners were enjoying theirs.

  For mains, I chose the rabbit loin, with a broad bean and bacon ragú.  Very tasty indeed.

 The Sea Trout also looked very good!

The Créme Brulee, served with Candied Orange and Pistachio Biscotti was the perfect end to my meal.  

The Chocolate Pots were also very enticing indeed!

So, as the other Bloggers made their way to the Bar area, we said our farewells, and headed home.  I really enjoyed my first ever blog visit, and am looking forward to many more.  Thanks to Jeni, Reuven and staff for a great evening,  and if you would like read some more, you can on the following lovely Blogs:


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