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Part 2 – Mo’s To Go!

Continuing the chronicle of our Food Visit, Part 2 was a quick trip out the door of the Brown Hound Bakery and across the hallway to Mo’s To Go.


This is a Take-Away, but not in the conventional sense.  Chatting to Jeni, (co-owner with Reuven) she explained the concept.  To paraphrase, she said Mo’s To Go is an extension of the Eastern Seaboard Restaurant.   If you don’t feel like having the full dining out experience, you can come here and get taste of some of the dishes from the restaurant menu to take home. 

It works really well.  It is being run the same as the restaurant kitchen, with the Chef calling and cooking the orders as they come in.  I have been a few times now, and it is a pleasure to watch them all in action.  Whilst at first, it seems like a limited choice, I understand the fact that what is being offered here is done really well.

 What you will find is fresh food, cooked properly, and strictly to order.  The “chips” are really good too, potatoes cut into fries and cooked with the skins on, and a nice selection of salads as sides.  Good old U.S. of A., naughty (but nice!) treats like Hush Puppies, and Coney Island Corn Dogs also feature.  The onion rings, which are a particular favourite of mine, have the lightest, crispiest coating I have ever had.  Customers can help themselves to a variety of seasonings available on the counter top.


Again, I am totally blown away by this whole concept, and am delighted to keep on returning, time and time again.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 – Mo’s To Go!

  1. Hi Colette! Lovely posts about our Drogheda trip, wasn't it the most amazing place? I'm sorry I didn't get to say more than just a hello to you and your daughter. I was sitting at the other end of the table from you guys! Hopefully we can have more of a chat at the next Foodies on Tour event!


  2. Hi Aoife, Thank you for your comment. I love going there, and now with the Bakery, and the Take-Away, we are truely spoiled. Glad you enjoyed it, and hope to chat to you next time.



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