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Never-Fail Muffins, he said….!

When someone  uses the words “Never- Fail”, I am intrigued. 

I recently added a new book to my “library” of cookbooks.  “Food to Love”, written by  Edward Hayden has found its way into my collection.  To date, he has written two books, his previous one being “Edward Entertains”.   

I had a quick look through this lovely book and found myself, as usual, at the baking section ,which, appropriately enough, is entitled “Sweet Temptations”.

I had to give the “Never Fail Muffins” a try.

To make 12 muffins, you will need:-
1lb/450g Plain Flour
6oz/175g Caster Sugar
1 rounded teaspoon Baking Powder
4oz/110g Butter
2 Large Eggs
6floz/175ml milk
Any flavour combination of your choice
(I used 3oz/75g White Chocolate and 3oz/75g Fresh or Frozen Raspberries)
I decided to use the White Chocolate and Raspberry combination. This gave a lovely raspberry ripple effect to the batter mixture.  You will find other suggestions with  quantities for flavour combinations in the book.
As ever, pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 4/180C/350F, and line your muffin tin with cases.
Little Tip!  Eggs will work better at room temperature, to take them out of your fridge well in advance.  Butter, as with all rubbing- in method recipes, works best cold.
Mix the dry ingredients together.  Then, you need to rub the butter in to the dry ingredients.  When the dry mixture resembles breadcrumbs, add in the eggs and milk, and mix to form a stiff batter. At this point, you can add your own particular flavour combination.
Decided to give the Stand Mixer a little go here!
Divide the mixture into the cases, and bake for 20-25 minutes.  Keep an eye on your own oven.   I allowed the cooking time stated in the book, but needed to add a further 10 minutes, turning after 5, to ensure an even bake.


He said they were “Never-Fail” and he was right!


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