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Where it all began…..

Having done Science subjects at school, I was never that interested in, what was then termed, Home Economics.

My Mother comes from a generation who watched their own mothers cook, bake, sew, knit, grow veg, and if you were lucky, keep chickens.  So, I suppose my lack of interest of all things domestic was born out of laziness.  It really was a case of Mam does all that.  I could always cook, having watched my Mother, but was not taught in any way.  Just observing, and taking it all in, without even realising it.

About a week before I was married, my Mother gave me the gift of a cookbook.  This cookbook was to start me on a journey I am still on today.

Now, I am just obsessed with cookbooks.  They are all around my house.  They are on the coffee table, they are on the kitchen floor, there are some in the attic.  I just don’t have room for any more, but I just can’t help myself.  And, after a conversation on Twitter one evening, it seems I am not alone!

I have a myriad of titles, by Chefs, Home Cooks and reference books, books relating to TV series, you name it, I probably have it.

But there is one book which I have identified as the root of it all.  One book to which I constantly refer.  One book which, literally, taught me how to cook. There are also two ladies to thank for starting me on this journey.

Thank you Ms. Brenda Costigan
And thank you, Mammy!


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