Other Bits!

It was my birthday…:)

The morning of my (non-significant) birthday dawned. Tea, toast, on a tray promptly arrived, with cards, and a mysterious gift-wrapped box. Jewellery, I thought, how lovely.

First attempts at removing the wrapping paper in a genteel and lady-like manner were unsuccessful and frustration was setting in.  Second attempt was successful, and it was revealed that my gift was not jewellery, but was about to connect me to a whole other world.  Technology had not just caught up with me, if I I didn’t learn fast, was about to overtake me.

My very own, all singing, all dancing phone had arrived.  I would soon be on my way.

My lovely Twitter baking and cooking friends could tweet about their creations, backed up by wonderful pictures, and I was not keeping up. Not all those I follow blog, they just do what they do, and generously let the rest of us share in the form of photographs.

Oh, I tweeted too about all the lovely things I was making, but with no evidence with which to support my tales,  I felt like a bit of a fraud.  These creative and talented people were putting up pictures… and finally I was about to do the same.



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