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When technology sneaks up on you……!

So, it’s a year ago.  Mobile phone in hand ready to make a call.  Yes, friends, that’s about all my phone was able to do, calls & texts, & a few other bits of insignificance.

So, another six months go by.  Mobile phone still doing it’s job.  No problem there, then.  Until, that is, the day I signed up for Twitter.  In a fit of pique, I wanted to understand what my Daughter was on about most of the time, and why she constantly had her “all singing-all dancing” phone in her hand at all times.

Suddenly, the old computer upstairs was looking a bit dated, and Christmas was coming.  Santa was very kind to me, & gave me a shiny white Notebook to play with. So, having mastered the art of Notebooking,  my thoughts turned, once again, to that old mobile phone. 

Having “met” lovely people on Twitter, they have something in common with each other, and not me.  They are bloggers.  And they have good cameras.  And they write brilliant blogs.  They write about food, they write about their lives, they write about fashion, each in their own individual style. 

I needed a new phone, and, guess what, it was almost my Birthday……!


4 thoughts on “When technology sneaks up on you……!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Colette! Before you know it you'll always have your camera at hand in case of a shot for the blog. It's a lot of fun so Enjoy 🙂



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